Don't Believe In Demos Vol. 1

by the Young Sinclairs



They've been branded one of the most prolific bands around today - and their new release "Don't Believe In Demos Vol. 1" (PSR075) is just added proof.

The Young Sinclairs led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Samuel Lunsford, have collected 14 tracks made up of fantastic early versions, rare compilation tracks, odds & ends, and cassette only releases - direct from their vaults for your complete listening enjoyment.

Along with their already trademark 12 string jangly sound-this compilation includes some of their early ultra atmospheric Psychedelia influenced perhaps by the Elephant 6 collective of the mid 1990's / early 2000's.

The Young Sinclairs have been bringing their brand of psych/folk/rock (RIYL: The Byrds, The Essex Green, Rain Parade etc.) to the world since 2005 as part of Roanoke, Virginia's the Magic Twig Community. The band features: John Thompson, Daniel Cundiff (see also Eternal Summers), Sean Poff, Jonathan Woods, and Samuel Lunsford (ex 63 Crayons). In their five years they have self released several full length LPs, EPs and cassettes.

In early-mid 2010 the band released "We Spoke Our Minds E.P." (Planting Seeds) and "Chimeys"(Chimney Sweep Records) to worldwide critical acclaim most notably from UK magazine Shindig! who proclaimed "The Young Sinclairs take the vibe of garage acts influenced by The Byrds and make it their own."

The Young Sinclairs have also taken their show to the road with high profile tours with Australia's The Lovetones (2009), The Brian Jonestown Massacre (2010) along with dates with Sweden's Dungen, Elf Power, among many others....and so the trip begins.


released May 10, 2011



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Track Name: Your Only Blessing
stompin' out your fear lobes for to see that you are blind
to find no office chairs connecting feet up desks of someone's mind
forgiving cheers they cry because you walk amongst the past
and you couldn't pay them off and more than that you wouldn't last

exactly what you think you can perceive amongst your living human costume
the space machines, the toys you keep, you weep where no one thinked that they would watch you

but when it's hard to try to speak and weakness stares at you while you are resting
if you could stay alive to see that your mortality's your only blessing

though perfection is no means unto an end a friend's applying for a job there
but his skin and bones are angry at the people that don't imitate his long hair

but when it's hard to try to speak and weakness stares at him while he is resting
and if he could stay alive to see that his mortality's his only blessing
Track Name: Didn't You Baby (early version)
I thought I told you not to speak to me
although you want to you should leave me be
you tried to burn me, didn't you baby?
I won't make that mistake again
now when you see me turn and walk away
I'm not in any mood to talk today
you tried to freeze me, didn't you baby?
I won't make that mistake again
Track Name: Help You Decide
someone will help you to decide
when you need something to go by
it's written on the biggest wall
open your eyes you'll see it all
someone will help you to decide
Track Name: Send Me A Dream
can you send me a dream, one I might like to stay in
can you film me a scene, with a cast I could play in
will you show me your cloud, now it seems it is waiting
can you open your mouth, do you use it for hating

can you find me a love that's real
everything I do is wrong
can you make me a sound to feel
everything I do is wrong
Track Name: William
my dear old friend I thought again how unfair was your demise
you locked yourself inside a room you couldn't breathe they tried to free you
William I'm here can you see
It was too late you were gone, it's not your fault they made you different
were you afraid and did you know you wouldn't see us tomorrow
William I'm here can you see
William I'm here it's just me
where are you now what do you see why aren't you talking to me
I dedicate this song to you I still love you Mr. Hope
William I'm here can you see
William I'm here it's just me
Track Name: Streaming
slowly streaming through the air she glides across the clouds
ride across the icy river gently sinking down
trees are rushing past your eyes they seem to guide your way
you see the wind go through the leaves you're hearing what they say
sensing something all the time it whispers in your ear
the sun begins to fade away and then it all is clear
Track Name: Llama Farm (Emblems)
waving your hand from inside a machine, thinking about all your friends that are dead
what did you mean when you said do it clean, thinking about all the books you have read
spending the night in the Spanish hotel, you want to be shopping where they were embalmed
what do you feel like when nothing goes well, there's emblems of magick and death on your arm
Track Name: The Runnin' Kind
I was born the runnin' kind, leavin' always on my mind, home was never home to me at any time
every front door found me hopin' I would find the back door open there just had to be an exit for the runnin' kind

within me there's a prison surrounding me alone
as real as any dungeon with its walls of stone
I know runnin's not the answer but runnin's been my nature and the part of me that keeps me movin' on
Track Name: Kind Of Soul (early version)
are you really gonna let her win after all she's done she's just another one
are you really gonna take her back after where she's been do you see what I mean

recognize her mystery if you'll promise this to me don't be around that kind of soul

are you really gonna speak to her I can't believe you wouldn't let her leave
are you sleeping standing on your feet after all she's done you're not the only one
Track Name: Canyon
farther down the canyon is where you'll find us
dreaming in the rain again
you are all welcome come into our hearts
speak in scarlet letters that never fall apart
coloring the leaves changing into dreams
the sound they make is real to me
and it can be real for us, and it can be real
open your hands feel the rain descend
form together as friends
made from the same place, born with a different face
there is a pattern of sound and light
vision of beauty we make at night
and it can be real for us, and it can be real
you can't divide us it's inside us
will you follow come tomorrow
Track Name: Special Friends
I am dumb from holding you I think it's time I put you down
forevermore and what's in store for me
this game has gone too far I'm tired of knowing where you are
and what's the matter with my laughter
we remain expressionless how could we invest in this new distraction
the arms that I am trapped in
there are things that I could say but why should I speak anyway
where does it end and where does it begin
stop the time and touch my skin
we'll turn to special friends
follow me. just follow me
leave it up to you to take a love that I was born to make
you've heard before, you've heard that before
Track Name: Sleepyhead (live acoustic version)
if you look in my window you will see me sleeping not giving a damn if i ever wake up
maybe you should try it it ain't that bad
everybody needs a little relaxation to keep from going mad
and i'm constantly tired all i want is sleep
'cause when i'm awake i'm a boy you don't wanna meet 'cause in my dreams i've got all the time that i need to be free