O Bummer

by the Young Sinclairs

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The year two-thousand and seven - the heat is dripping off the bricks of our decorated tomb - space - there's people moving away ("you gotta move") - relation-ships crumbling and sinking along with whatever treasure was rumored to be on board - but for everything that falls apart there is something being constructed - ("L-U-V") - a song or a friendship or a control booth - ("a hippy-drippy name-dropper came to my door") and lying in bed - laying - suppose you have to? Still writing and still singing and still playing but never being still, only sometimes ("sometimes always" + "here there and everywhere") and some record-reviewer uses the word 'pastiche' like a fine critique or artiste. But "you're too afraid to sing" ("I said that"). Oh yeah, and family tree came out - far out - books and pianos and intellectual paraphernalia - surrealist games and the realest pain - review my pain, why dont'cha? huh? (it's ours too - (notice no quotations) ["taste my mouth in your ear"]. HA! now there's one for ya - these are songs and poems and rhythmical exorcism exercises in tension and release - think what you want.


released April 13, 2008

Produced by Samuel Jones Lunsford & John Thompson
Recorded & Engineered by John Thompson at The Mystic Fortress, Roanoke, VA, 2007
Cover Art by Jonathan Coward



all rights reserved
Track Name: Up Against The Wall
wake me up this morning, softly face the day
we can live together, float and drift away
thinking much too hard again, sing your mind to sleep
keep your head held high y'know, Earth beneath your feet

and you'll find that you are real
and you'll know you have it all
and you'll see that I am here
we are up against the wall
Track Name: Honeysuckle, Rose, & Pumpkin
you're the reason and you are the inspiration in my life, in my life
I love you in the sunshine I love you even more in moonlight, in moonlight
I'm so glad you didn't die from that disease when you were young, when you were young
I don't think that you and me are at the end we've just begun, we've just begun
you smell sweetly of honeysuckle, rose, and pumpkin, and pumpkin
I have a good life but if I don't have you it's nothing, it's nothing
you're always with me a hundred miles away or by my side
when you touch me it makes me so happy I want to cry
I'm proud to walk with you your flames are burning high little fire
Track Name: You Got Inside But So Have I
when you look at me this is what I see
four eyes in a square, and there's something there
I can see a change
and it seems so strange
like you got inside
but so have I
colors mix together and they stay forever
two people alive, a good friend of mine
I can sense a change
and it seems so strange
like you got inside
but so have I
Track Name: Golden Circles
I lost my head again this time
and you know where it'll be found
golden circles everywhere
they don't catch my eye
you wear your hair pulled back tight
maybe that explains a lot
speaking words that make no sense
wrecking your own lives
Track Name: They're Not Writing
you play the part of some one you don't know
you heard about the river, how it flows
a sleeping mind of magic weaves a spell
you're following the ringing of the bell
a lighthouse in the morning comes to view
and suddenly it's shining right on you

they're not writing anymore

then the ghosts they reveal your second pulse
the children they are planted in the mulch
you pause for just a blink and then it slips
you're shaking but you just can't escape the grip

they're not writing anymore
Track Name: Ballad Of Jimmy
from within the grave you take my hand
the things you made I understand
you had something to show at the end of life's game
I will spread your love and praise your name
Track Name: Talisman
sacred text of noble man
receive your thoughts with open hands
germ of life a time and space
insects on a dying face

my talisman will keep you bright
my pentagram and clothes of white
the fire is green and gold within my eyes

crystal stone the astral salt
away with guilt and fear and fault
flames that ripen sand and ash
we never die we turn to glass

my talisman will keep you bright
my pentagram and clothes of white
the fire is green and gold within my eyes
Track Name: Not Today
I see through you
your mind's no mystery to me
your time is wasted
you didn't stop to see
you're waiting there, you still wait there
people still don't know your name
you're family and you play their game
things are falling all around
where is your sound
I hear you talking
I hear the things that you say
but I can't see you, not today, not today
Track Name: Tree In The Rain
when something is standing right in front of you does it mean it is blocking your way
or is it the door you were meant to go through to the quarters you keep for the day
you're far down the street yes your body is gone but your image remains in my hands
the embers still glow and the smoke it still blows from our camp to the mountainous land
in ancient times we danced the dance from which all dances come
I have no doubt that you've got to get out if you feel like you're under a thumb
it should be the fabric that keeps you alive and the song that keeps you sane
and if you should rise and you cast it aside then the love is still there just the same
and we'll meet by a tree in the rain
Track Name: O Bummer
you're just looking at some kind of screen
and you didn't know that the king was a queen
the sun's up at last I go check my tracks
cut the wings open and strap to your back
through the walls of water you're making a torch
I turn on my camera and make my report
you can't move forward you're facing the wind
you can rest for a while then you're moving again
after all you're just flesh and bone
and you've got a mind of your own
your parachute is filled with snow
is there a person that you know
fall in easy and it's hard to climb out
all or nothing is what it's about
they're all scared to sing and dance
they've planned it all out and they don't have a chance
when the storm comes you can dig in the flat
and sleep in a cave when the sky tips its hat
time is running its hands through your hair
and your face and your body have turned into air
your self for real it's so hard to see
when an actor is what every man has to be
you're living on a higher plane
you're awake but the dreams were the same